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You need your tax adviser to have an active attitude. We don’t just contact you with “daily” tax advice and about developments. We also let you know when we spot opportunities that require a more extensive tax consultancy process. Some examples are given below.

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Transferring wealth to children

Tax legislation still allows for the transfer of assets to a younger generation in a tax-friendly manner. Keep in mind that the options are limited if this has to be done at the last minute. In order for our tax advice to have the desired effect, this should be started on time (think years, not weeks).

When a family company or other company also has to be transferred to the children, it is extremely important to think about the possibilities for tax advice in a timely manner.

Optimal company structure

Should you register your company as a sole proprietorship? Or is a BV (private company) better? How about a BV type structure? The answer depends mainly on where your business is at now. We can give you appropriate tax advice on this.

If you are already thinking about selling, then it is time to check whether the company structure is optimal tax wise. If the company structure needs restructuring first, start on time. We can assist you with sound tax advice. We prefer to avoid having to pull out all the tax stops.

Across the border

If you are going to expand your activities abroad, there is no getting around seeking tax advice in the country in question. For more information, please refer to our International Business page.

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