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For us, saving tax means more than providing and working out comprehensive tax advice. Regularly informing you about the “smaller” savings opportunities and warning you about pitfalls is at least as important.

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We bring relevant information on saving tax to your attention

Most people think that tax is only saved when the annual tax return is done but nothing could be further from the truth. Tax can be saved throughout the year if done properly. Often action has to be taken in time to respond to daily developments and opportunities to save.

Never miss a tax opportunity

This is how we help you save tax

  • We invest in training all our employees so that opportunities to save tax are quickly identified.
  • We organise meetings for clients and customers (Wake-Updates) several times a year, where current topics are dealt with in an accessible manner.
  • We have developed a starter checklist for starting entrepreneurs. This checklist means you can save tax as a starter.
  • We notify our clients when tax legislation changes. We prefer to do this by using social media and our newsletter.
  • Personal contact with our clients is important to us. That is why we ensure that we have direct contact with our clients several times a year and not only when tax returns are drawn up.
  • We give lectures at business clubs and similar organisations on current tax issues.

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