Financial planning

Do you have an idea of your financial situation once you plan to stop working (or go part time), if you become occupationally disabled or become unemployed? Or do you have an idea of the financial consequences for your next of kin if you die? We are happy to help you gain clear and simple insight into your financial planning now and in the future.

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What are we talking about?

Financial planning

  • Income planning
  • Estate planning

Income planning

At certain times in your life it is important to know what your financial planning looks like and whether it also meets your wishes and financial needs. Are you aware of how much capital you need for your old age, how long you can continue your expected lifestyle, but also whether you will still have sufficient income if you become unemployed or occupationally disabled? We not only map out your financial planning, but also think along with you about the best tax solutions for this planning.

Estate planning

You would prefer not to think about it right now, but you do want things to be properly arranged when you die. We can give you insight into your current situation based on your assets, will and matrimonial property regime. We also discuss the options for transferring, gifting or leaving your assets to your heirs in a tax-attractive manner.

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