Calculating tax return

As an entrepreneur you may have to deal monthly, quarterly and annually with the obligation to file a tax return for VAT, payroll taxes, income and corporation tax. These tax returns require specific tax knowledge in which our advisers optimise your personal situation as well as that of your company. We prepare your tax return on time and calculate the amount of your tax burden based on this. In addition, we will inform you personally of the opportunities available to you.

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How we can help you calculate tax return

If you need your tax return for another party then we offer you the opportunity to download your income tax, corporation tax and supplementary VAT returns at any time in your personal online portal.

Have you received a gift or an inheritance? Then gift and inheritance tax may come into play. We calculate the amount.

Our advisers not only prepare the necessary tax returns, but also guide you through the maze of legislation and regulations in this area. In addition, together with you we look at and calculate the possibilities of taking advantage of a tax benefit.

Are you wondering if your tax return and/or tax situation has been done optimally? Please see our tax check to view the options. For more information about your tax return and to calculate the amount of the tax burden, please contact one of our tax advisers.

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