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The accounting world has changed greatly in recent years from paper records to the possibilities of a complete online accounting system. We can facilitate both paper accounting and online accounting for you, but you will increasingly be seeing that online accounting is the future.

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How we can help you with online accounting

The major advantage of online accounting is that you have 24/7 insight into your finances and can therefore focus on consultancy services in the interim rather than just the financial statements in hindsight.

We endeavour to create as many links with your systems to online accounting as possible so that there are as few manual entries as possible.

It does not get easier than this

Examples of links and online accounting

  • The link to your main bank so that we automatically receive all credit and debit entries every day;
  • The link to your own billing package insofar as this has not been set up via our online accounting system;
  • The link to your purchasing channels. We can link the larger suppliers so that we can read your purchases daily;
  • The link to your cash register system so that if you ring something up on the cash register the accounting is done immediately.

Exact Online

These are just a few examples. In fact, our online accounting system is designed in such a way that almost all software packages you use can be linked to it.

In addition to all the links that we can provide for you, online accounting also largely consists of scanning your cost and purchase invoices using the scanning service. You now receive 95% of the invoices you receive by email. You can forward these invoices directly from the email to an email address which we will give you. The invoice is then processed automatically.

Online accounting therefore basically means that all your financial flows are automated and can also be viewed online. You can do this using the Exact Online app.

24/7 insight into and management of your results. Who doesn’t want that in this day and age?

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