Pension scheme

An employee would like to accrue a pension to guarantee income if he or she can no longer work or no longer has to work. A pension plan can include an old-age pension, a survivor’s pension and a disability pension. Sometimes a pension scheme is adopted for an entire industry and sometimes the employer has to take out a pension plan.

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The industry-wide pension plan entitles you to a pension payment which is known in advance. The pension plan is always administered by an external party. Sufficient capital is built up through investments and premiums to meet the promised pension payments. In order to properly administer the pension plan, the employees’ salary data must be passed on to the pension administrator. More and more, the pension declaration is being used for this. It allows us to process the data we have in our payroll accounting system in and digitally forward it to the pension administrator. This saves you a lot of time.

If the employer is not covered by an industry-wide pension plan, the employer can take out a pension plan with an insurer. These are generally defined contribution plans. Contributions are paid annually and invested by the insurer. The amount of the pension benefit is only known when the employee retires. Pension insurers are not using the pension schemes yet so that the data for the pension scheme still have to be passed on manually to the pension insurer.

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