Payroll administration

You need to keep an employee file for your employees. All documents related to your employees are recorded in the personnel administration. This starts with all documents required when starting employment and is kept until the employee leaves employment.

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What information do you have to include in the personnel administration?

First of all, you have to verify an employee’s identity on hiring them. This means including a copy of their identity document in the personnel administration. In addition, you must include a payroll tax statement in the personnel administration.

During their employment, you fill the personnel administration with all relevant documents for the employee’s file. This could be anything from reports to performance appraisals to the registration of leave hours.

Where in the past the personnel administration had to be recorded in ring binders on paper, our payroll software allows you to digitise it.

Our modules

Set up personnel administration according to your own wishes

  • Digital file, for uploading documents from the personnel administration.
  • Leave, for recording leave taken by your employees.
  • Assessments, for recording performance reviews and assessment interviews.
  • Provisions, for recording the products made available for the work.
  • Sickness reports, for accurate tracking of all steps in the event of long-term illness.

Digitise your personnel administration

If you would like more information about digitising your personnel administration, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to take a look at what the options are for your personnel administration together with you.

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