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Entrepreneurs (and private individuals too) are looking beyond national borders and are becoming increasingly active abroad. In order to be of service to our customers in this respect, our firm is affiliated with Kreston International. The Kreston network is aimed at assisting internationally operating entrepreneurs.

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What can Kreston Global do for you?

When we engage the assistance of a Kreston firm abroad, we know that your interests are in good hands with this firm. We also know that our colleague firm is large enough to be able to answer almost all questions that arise in international business. The lines of communication with our Kreston colleagues are short. There is direct correspondence between our advisers and the foreign advisers (i.e. no intermediaries). In addition, we prefer to involve our customers in correspondence as soon as possible.

Examples of our international services

  • A Dutch entrepreneur “goes international” and because of this expansion of activities abroad, the entrepreneur wants to know which tax and other rules he or she will have to deal with abroad.
  • A step further: a Dutch entrepreneur “goes international”. He or she will not only focus on foreign customers, but is also considering setting up abroad.
  • A Dutch entrepreneur hears from a foreign client that they want to expand activities to the Netherlands. Often, the Dutch entrepreneur is first asked whether they know of a good adviser in the Netherlands to assist the foreign entrepreneur.
Kreston International

Our global network

Kreston International is a global network of more than 200 independent accountancy and consultancy firms in 125 countries that is home to more than 25,000 dedicated professionals. Kreston gives you access to top-quality advice and exceptional service wherever in the world you happen to do business. Kreston’s aim is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We pursue and believe in strong and sustainable relationships.

In the Netherlands, eight accountancy and consultancy firms are affiliated with Kreston. Van Herwijnen Kreston is one of them. Together we act as Kreston Nederland. All strong in our own region but with the knowledge and skills to look further, together with you.

We can assist you with the following international issues:

  • Starting international business activities through collaboration with another company
  • Setting up a branch abroad
  • Covering legal risks abroad
  • Cross-border work
  • Subsidies
  • International financing

Want to do business abroad?

With our international network, we offer entrepreneurs easy access to the expertise of our Kreston colleagues and to our expertise.

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