Corporate takeover

Entrepreneurs have to make choices to be able to take their next step. One of those choices could be a corporate takeover. Whether that is about growth, or because age or health are playing a role, or simply because you feel ready for a new challenge.

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Ready for a new challenge

The corporate takeover process

The corporate takeover process consists of a number of steps that can be taken together or individually.

  1. Company valuation;
  2. Company analysis;
  3. Information memorandum;
  4. Finding possible buyers;
  5. Purchase agreement.

Company valuation

The company valuation is used as a starting point for determining the asking price or to get an idea of the company’s earning capacity.

Company analysis

The company analysis lists the profit-generating components and any risk points that need to be adressed to get the company ready for a sale. It can also be used as input for the information memorandum. Obviously, this also applies to a certain extent for a company to be bought.

This information memorandum (in concise or comprehensive form) gives potential buyers an idea of the nature and size of the company, the culture and the future expectations estimated by the current entrepreneur, and is sent to interested parties after they have signed a confidentiality agreement.

In consultation with you (or your business) we draw up a shortlist of potential takeover candidates, using a market analysis and analysis of your company’s competitors and suppliers, and approach candidates.

A succesfull takover

Our organisation also assist you in the effective formulation of the agreements with the buyer or seller in the purchase or sales process, the definitions of the terms used and the setup of guarantee agreements and indemnifications.

Together we make the corporate takeover a success!

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