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At a certain point in time entrepreneurs ask themselves: what is the value of my company? Obviously they mean how much money can I get for my shares, but it is not quite the same thing as value. The price is what you pay and the value is what you get for it.

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How we can help you with a company analysis

A company analysis will give you some idea of the guiding elements for the value development of your company, for example which goods or services are earning you the most now. What product mix binds the most customers to your company. The information obtained from a company analysis enables you to actively build a qualitative and stable turnover that contributes to the goals of the company, meeting the needs of a future buyer.

Make well-considered decisions

Increase your company’s value

You can increase your company’s value by making strategic choices based on the company analysis. A company that is able to generate a profit in the long term is worth more than a company that can only do it for the short term.

Obviously, the influence of “the market” also plays a part, but this market consists of a mixture of successful and less successful entrepreneurs. Which kind of entrepreneur are you?

The company analysis gives you the ingredients needed to make a well-considered decision if necessary.

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