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No entrepreneur can have missed that the world we live in is changing fast. But what does that mean for you as an entrepreneur?

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How we can help you with acquisitions & valuations

It is important that as an entrepreneur you understand the consequences of this ever-changing environment. How you structure your company and the products or services you provide have a major impact on your future. Due to rapid changes, it is important to be continuously alert, to be able to make flexible and quick reasoned decisions.

Together we ascertain your position in the market and identify the value drivers, i.e. the components of your business operations which add value to your business. Whether this is to gain insight for further growth or in preparation for an acquisition or sale does not matter. Your choices help determine the future of your company: Direct your own future with us!

Know where you are

Quick Scan Valuation

If you are faced with a difficult choice as an entrepreneur, it is important to have insight into the performance of your company.

Kreston Van Herwijnen’s Quick Scan Business Valuation provides a solution. Based on historical figures and an exploratory conversation with our advisors, we determine a short analysis and business value.

This scan is based on the current situation, but can easily be extended to different scenarios at a later stage.

We use a fixed price for the Quick Scan, which depends on the size of the company, between € 1,375 and € 2,375 (excl. VAT). Do you want to know if this is also possible for your company or want to know more? Contact us!

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