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An accountant may carry out different types of engagement on historical information, depending on your request or the users’ information needs. We report on the engagement by issuing a report. The most common reports are the reports on financial statements.

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How we can help you report on financial information

Hopefully the following explanation will clarify the different types of reports on financial statements. Of course we would like to discuss with you whether and if so, how we can support you by providing a report on financial statements of other documents.

There are different types of reports on financial information:

  • a compilation report – the accountant assists the client with the preparation of the financial statements;
  • a review report – the accountant provides a conclusion with limited assurance;
  • an auditors’ report – the accountant (auditor) provides an opinion on the financial statements with reasonable assurance.

Additional to engagements concerning financial statements which result in a report on this financial information, we are able to perform a multitude of specific engagements which result in a specified report of an accountant.

The aforementioned specific engagements include a report on a declaration of insured interest for an insurance company or a review report or auditors’ report an a final declaration for a subsidy as well as an auditors’ report on a balance sheet in the situation the company starts to be obliged to have a legal audit on its financial statements.

Regardless of the type of engagement, an accountant should always act in a professional, competent and objective manner, and with due care and integrity, and treat information as confidential.

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