Drawing up a budget

What are the consequences of a financial decision for your company? What is the short and long term capital requirement? Do you want insight into the performance of your company? We can visualise this for you by drawing up a budget. Drawing up a budget consists of an income statement, balance sheet and a liquidity forecast.

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Income statements and budgets

An income statement gives you an idea of the expected revenues and costs (result) of your company. We can prepare an income statement for you in any degree of detail.

The balance sheet provides insight into various ratios, including the ratio of equity to debt (solvency). This is one of the most important key figures for an external financier.

The liquidity forecast is drawn up on the basis of the estimated income statement and the balance sheet. This consists of an overview of income and expenditure. This also gives you an idea of whether your company can meet all financial obligations and any capital requirement.

A budget can be drawn up on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. We are happy to discuss with you which period is most appropriate. You will receive the drawn up budget from us in a report that includes a balance sheet, income statement and liquidity forecast. The report also contains graphical representations of your company‚Äôs most important key figures. We carefully go through the report with you and assist you in the further financial choices you have to make for your company. For more information on how we can draw up your budget, please contact us.

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