Compiling financial statements

Every year, as an entrepreneur you are responsible for compiling financial statements. This shows how your company is doing financially. It is not only important to compile financial statements for the official bodies, such as the Tax and Customs Administration and the Chamber of Commerce, but also as a way of monitoring your own business.

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How we can help you compile financial statements

We compile the financial statements based on the balance sheet you give us or the file with all finances. This shows what the results of the past financial year were and how much equity the company has. Using these prepared financial statements, it is possible to analyse what the company earns the most money with and which activities deserve extra attention to improve its financial position. In addition, the financial statements provide insight into the developments of the company that we discuss with you. Did you know that by drawing up financial statements we can immediately point out areas for improvement and see what the financial situation is?

Doing business is looking ahead, taking risks and debating with your accountant.  Entrepreneurship is also about pondering the future. The prepared financial statements are an excellent starting point for philosophising about it.

If you are looking for an accountant to compile your financial statements then please contact us. We make sure that you can also use the financial statements that are drawn up for the official bodies for your own business practices.

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