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Kreston Van Herwijnen has a wide network of knowledge and information. With this in mind we are members of the organisations below.

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Kreston Global is a global network of more than 200 independent accounting firms in 125 countries that is home to more than 25,000 dedicated professionals. Kreston gives you access to top-quality advice and exceptional service wherever in the world you happen to do business.

The aim is to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We pursue and believe in strong and sustainable relationships.

The affiliated offices combine expertise with empathy like no other, offering the best financial advice, regionally, nationally and internationally. Acting as a sparring partner, with real knowledge of their clients as well as their professional opportunities and challenges, going beyond the traditional accountant’s role, no matter what the future holds.

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The Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants (NBA) is the organisation established by law that is charged, among other things, with promoting the good professional practice of its members (chartered accountants and accounting consultants).


The NBA helps accountants fulfil their crucial role in society, now and in the future.
The NBA is the public-law organisation that serves the interests of society and the profession as the representative of the entire accounting profession in the Netherlands. The NBA thus forms the bridge between professionals and society.


All accountants in the Netherlands are registered in the NBA’s accountant register. Accountants work in public practice, for the government, as internal auditors and in the management of organisations. They form a broad, diverse professional group of over 21,000 professionals with common rules of conduct. Integrity, objectivity, expertise and care, confidentiality and professional conduct are essential values for every accountant.


The accountant has a legally protected title because of his or her crucial role in society. The NBA protects the two titles that accountants can use (RA and AA) and promotes good professional practice. It does this by drawing up and maintaining clear rules of conduct and professional rules for all accountants, by means of testing and by offering life-long learning programmes. The professional organisation monitors the quality of the accounting profession and stimulates the development of the field. The NBA also ensures that the accountancy profession makes its voice heard clearly on important national and international stages.

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Register Belastingadviseurs

The Register of Tax Advisers (RB) represents the interests, guarantees the quality and joins the forces of more than 7,500 affiliated tax advisers.

The Register of Tax Advisers (RB) is the professional association of SME tax advisers. They can turn to the RB for advocacy towards the government and politics, professional information and professional support, training to become a Registered Tax Adviser and courses and workshops as a part of life-long learning programmes to maintain quality and knowledge.

A Registered Tax Adviser is an honest, pragmatic adviser with extensive tax knowledge and experience, and a sense of entrepreneurship.

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Register of Business Valuators (NiRV)

Register of Business Valuators (NiRV)

The NirV is the professional association to which all Register Valuators in the Netherlands are affiliated. A Register Valuator or RV is a financial expert who specializes in determining the value of a company. The use of an RV in valuing companies is becoming increasingly self-evident, but also in the case of a business conflict, divorce, bankruptcy or damage calculation, an RV ensures a clear valuation.

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