Kreston Van Herwijnen is a regional company. Based in Tiel and also formed by the surroundings in which it operates. The Nijmegen – Den Bosch – Utrecht triangle has traditionally been the area we are familiar with and where entrepreneurs know us. Tiel as the centre of entrepreneurial Rivierenland.

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Our commitment

Kreston Van Herwijnen

Not only do we want to serve entrepreneurs in this region with our range of service concepts but we are also fulfill our social responsibilty. Whether that is sponsoring events (from small to large) or our presence in interest groups. We take on anything that contributes to a good business climate. Our people instinctively take a leading role in interest groups and networks.

We connect our presence in the region to our services, meaning we can handle all kinds of questions and problems with our network. If it’s something we don’t do ourselves, we use our network, even if your question is about China. This makes us a well-placed source of knowledge and involvement in the region. It is always nice to be helped by someone who knows the region.

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